AI can help brands discover potential customers beyond their loyalty list

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July 25, 2019, 2:38 PM UTC

Advanced technologies can drive better results than sentimental human instincts.

This piece argues that adoption of AI in marketing can help brands find people who will be most effectively influenced by a brand’s campaign and to what extent. Powered by data science, this technology can analyse customer data and help brands direct their marketing efforts. 

AI can save brands from wasting efforts on people who will not be effected by their marketing activity. Implementing machine learning can further help marketers make more informed decision based on data and test methods, which are otherwise influenced by human sentiments.

The author contends that AI will not only help marketers find probable customers but also help figure out the best method and channel of communication. Instead of offering discounts to consumers who will anyway make the purchase, companies can focus on new potential customers.

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