Setting goals early on allows for a healthy brand-PR agency relationship

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July 24, 2019, 9:29 AM UTC

Both parties must communicate clearly and regularly for businesses to be able to get an honest counsel from PR agencies.

To strengthen a brand-PR agency relationship, communication between them should be clear from the initial stages of their relationship with each other. Businesses must empower their PR agencies to speak honestly to be able to receive reliable counsel.

Goal setting at an early stage is important as well. Being welcoming of new ideas and mutual respect can help overcome hurdles. The article further suggests that both parties must see themselves as part of the same team that is working towards a common goal.

One persistent issue with brand-PR companies relates to transparency. Hinda Mitchell, president at Inspire PR adds that, “If you don’t include your agency in the strategic conversations that matter, they can’t be in a position to do their best work on your behalf”.  

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