Organisations need to commit to a social cause that matches with their brand’s purpose

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July 24, 2019, 5:55 PM UTC

A Haas School of Business report states that 90% of millennials would switch brand allegiance to support an issue they care about.

This piece argues that brands need to advocate issues that they care about and that aligns with their image. For instance, Nike maintains an athletic emphasis in all their campaigns, whereas Gillette focusses on male-related issues.

Focussing on underrepresented issues that are not saturated with corporate interest can also help brands generate enhanced engagement. Organisations should commit to meaningful issues, like struggles faced by senior adults or mentoring, and resonate with their audience.

The author contends that businesses can also pick controversial issues to grab attention, but they should be ready to accept heated debates and take the risk. However, they should stand by the cause they choose and not wander into it accidentally.

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