Increasing site load speeds can improve a content’s ranking for voice search

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July 24, 2019, 2:02 PM UTC

This can be done by optimising caches, trimming Javascript and reducing server response times.

The author suggests measures to upgrade content marketing strategy for voice search. The article cites a Gartner study which revealed that 50% of all search queries will be voice by 2020.

In order to have a higher content ranking for search results through voice, brands must increase their website’s speed. Optimising caches, reducing Javascript, increasing the power of AMP pages, reducing images and reducing server response time are some effective ways to enhance page loading speeds.

Another measure suggested is to add structured data to content. This boosts the chances of content to show up in featured snippets. The author also recommends repurposing old content into explainer videos. The use of videos can help brands improve their brand presence as well.  

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