Homogenous strategies for marketers and influencers can help achieve mutual goals

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July 24, 2019, 2:16 PM UTC

Overlapping audiences allows brands to glean granular perspective on their consumers.

This piece says that while influencers should remain at a distance from brands to maintain their credibility, marketers should make sure they work under the same strategic plan. Combining their influencer and content marketing strategies will allow marketers to promote a consistent message to the consumers.  

While aligning with a breadth of influencers, brands can use a shared calendar to help schedule their events mutually. While influencers should have the freedom to post events to the brand’s calendars, marketers should ensure that brand standards are met and the content doesn’t lose its authenticity.

Encouraging influencers to install tracking tools can further help brands understand the intentions and habits of their followers. The author contends that while cross-promoting content can help with better consumer engagement, brands should be careful not to appear inauthentic.

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