Limiting the number of fields in gated content can help avoid user churn

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July 23, 2019, 4:43 PM UTC

Using cookie tracking can help reduce the number of fields that a customer has to fill.

This piece says that if brands are providing gated content, they should be sure that it offers value to the customers. While gated content is often a source of frustration for users, it can still be used to create a useful website experience.

By limiting the number of fields in the forms section and asking only need-to-know information, marketers can avoid discouraging users from filling up forms. Marketers can further use cookie tracking for progressive user profiling to prevent repetition and nurture the existing leads.

The author suggests that if brands, however, decide to keep their content ungated, they should have their call-to-action buttons omnipresent throughout the content. CTAs like “Schedule a Demo”, that appear towards the later stage of the user journey can help marketers generate leads.

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