Adding expert quotes to content can help drive more traffic to the website

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July 23, 2019, 2:33 PM UTC

Quoting thought-leaders helps gain credibility and boosts linking potential

This piece says that creating quality content that has the potential for links to be added to it can help brands to acquire more backlinks and lift inbound traffic. Quoting the right experts can help marketers add value to their content and build up brand credibility.

Referencing industry leaders, clients and partners in linkable content also create a higher chance of partnering up with them and acquiring further backlinks. Delivering email outreach campaigns to content marketers based on keywords can further help brands in building further links.

Using professional images and gifs can further help optimise the linkability of the content and develop a unique style while staying within the budget. The author contends that stats and polls can help consumers make better sense of numbers.

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