“Femvertising” efforts in advertising must be genuine

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July 22, 2019, 2:51 AM UTC

Businesses must push against sexism to be successful.

This article notes that brands need to understand the issues affecting women to be able to appeal to them. A study cited in the piece found that 71% of women surveyed believe that companies must be held responsible for “using advertising to promote positive messages about women and girls”.

Through “femvertising” (with its appeal to female audiences), marketers must look to push against sexism. Such a value shift can take the focus away from the fear of losing appeal to the male clientele.

However, businesses must aim to be genuine as inauthentic femvertising attempts can be articulately opposed by women. The author notes RAM Trucks’ campaigns had the right approach as they portrayed a “representation unhinged from societal expectation".   

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