Establishing a spokesperson and being factual is crucial for crisis management

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July 19, 2019, 9:44 AM UTC

Brands should avoid sharing “off the record” information that they don’t wish to make public.

This piece recommends measures to undertake when handling a crisis. Depending the severity of the crisis and the attention it attracts, brands should establish a spokesperson to deliver factual information to the media. In a severe crisis situation, a C-level executive should face the media in order to convey the importance being given to managing the crisis.

Communication teams should inform the employees about their roles in a crisis. Employees should refer every media query to the spokesperson and avoid answering it themselves.

To maintain transparency and credibility with the media, businesses can respond appropriately and not say something like “No comments”. Instead, they can say, “I don’t know that right now. But we will keep you updated as we gather more information.”

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