Android apps continue to collect and distribute sensitive user data without permission

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July 17, 2019, 1:54 AM UTC

Google’s next big update, Android Q, will address these problems later this year.

A study by International Computer Science Institute and University of California, Berkley, has found that “thousands of apps” in the US Google Play Store still bypass permissions to collect user data. The study identified 60 Android apps, with millions of downloads, steal information and collect data without permission.

159 apps were found to have the potential to use SD card as a covert channel for deceptive practices, with 13 apps actually doing it. UK’s data protection authority, Information Commissioner’s Office, had published a report stating how real-time advertising auctions violate the EU’s GDPR guidelines.  

A The Wall Street Journal report cited noted that such ad-auctions typically involve collection and distribution of sensitive consumer data. However, online advertising and targeting practices will undergo a change with data and consumer protection laws being implemented.

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