AI-powered virtual agents can help brands enhance consumer experience

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July 17, 2019, 4:57 AM UTC

But brands need to overcome implementation challenges first.

While virtual agents can help businesses improve overall consumer experience, brands should tackle economic, political, technical and cultural hurdles before they can implement it. Virtual agents can help brands ultimately improve their bottom line by increasing sales and cutting costs.

However, such an approach may involve getting the C-level decision makers on board. This can help marketers align the project with the strategic initiatives of the company. Letting virtual agents work with the IT teams to provide important information in response to consumer queries can help brands overcome technical issues that may arise.

The author contends brands should overcome the human-centric prejudices such as allowing machines to talk to consumers to be able to implement AI-powered agents for a better customer experience. Implementing automated conversational interfaces can help brands set benchmarks and improve their customer service.

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