48% of consumers are purchasing from disruptor brands

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July 16, 2019, 4:57 AM UTC

An IAB study revealed that 84% of these shoppers are below 54 years of age with a likely household income of over $75,000.

Shoppers of Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are about twice as likely to consider shopping from DTC brands a part of their self-expression. This is when compared to consumers shopping from traditional brands. The study has identified one-third of these consumers as “Super Influencers”.

This consumer group is highly engaged in creating brand-centric content and re-posting DTC brand posts to be influential. The report found that the brands that listen to this group’s feedback are particularly valued by them.

The article shares that DTC brands are using cross-channel interactions to build consumer loyalty and lifetime value. The survey notes that DTC businesses could leverage their social influence to gain ground against more traditional brands with a larger market share.

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