Marketers must use localised visual content depending on the market they are in

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July 15, 2019, 12:53 PM UTC

Localisation of content helps consumers view a business as a long-term partner.

A lot of thought about location, age, ethnicity, gender, relationships and various other audience traits is put into each targeting decision, notes Grant Munro, SVP at Shutterstock Custom. He claims that tailoring visual content to add more local elements doesn’t demand a lot of resources but can prove to be beneficial.

A Smartling research stated that 80% of marketers in the US, UK, Germany and France believe that is crucial to use localised content when penetrating new markets. However, seven in ten marketers stated that less than 50% of their content was being consumed as it proved to be ineffective for local audiences.

Localisation can demonstrate to the customers that the brand understands them, their local culture and their environment. This can help consumers view the business as a partner in the longer run, adds Munro.

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