Conversion rates can be improved by matching ads to the audience’s personality traits

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July 15, 2019, 1:57 PM UTC

Understanding audience personalities can help marketers deliver messaging in a manner that resonates most with them.

Making a case for personalised advertising, this article states that when ads are targeted to the user’s personality, the consumer is over twice as likely to convert. And so, personalised communications are found to be more effective than standardised advertising.

The author argues that people are more attentive to personal things which affect their survival. For instance, people’s attention to a clown unicycling in a park will be less, but their attention towards a snake will be immediate.

Additionally, a personalised message can “vibe” with a consumer’s neurology and their perception of the world. A study cited revealed that people would look at a banner ad for an anti-aging cream two times more if it featured a digitally aged version of their Facebook profile photo.

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