B2B businesses should assess readiness before opting for a digital commerce platform

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July 15, 2019, 7:13 AM UTC

Collecting customer feedback can help them build an effective digital commerce platform.

Increasingly, B2B buyers are looking for easier and convenient ways of browsing, researching and purchasing products. The article notes that such an experience can be delivered using digital commerce.

To assess if a brand should consider digital commerce, it must gather customer feedback to gauge buyer’s expectations from the business.  To start with, B2B companies can prioritise features like reordering and guided selling. B2B businesses should assess whether their backend systems are flexible and scalable enough. This includes assessing CRM, ERP and warehouse management systems.

While an e-commerce platform can provide consumers with self-servicing options, a sales staff is still required to get better margins, offer insights and influence purchasing decisions. The author contends that a B2B e-commerce platform can help businesses streamline and personalise their customer experience and increase sales.

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