Brands could consider incorporating insights from authentic feedback into future offerings

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July 12, 2019, 2:16 AM UTC

Negative reviews must be addressed promptly.

Brands must learn how to leverage customer reviews to their advantage to boost brand awareness, develop brand trust, and increase ROI. This article suggests ways in which businesses can use customer reviews to their favour.

Gathering authentic feedback from consumers can help build brand trust as the reviewers will know that a brand is listening to them. This process can also let companies uncover their product’s weaknesses and shortcomings. Additionally, companies must be mindful about sourcing honest and not “glowing” product reviews from influencers to maintain the value of their opinion.

Brands can consider integrating insights gained from authentic reviews into their future offerings. They could look to address negative reviews promptly. Offer customers some compensation that’s meaningful. This demonstrates a company’s care of its customers.

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