Brands can balance complexity and usability while developing smart-home products

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July 12, 2019, 4:01 AM UTC

An Accenture report cited revealed that 50% of people think technology at home can make them lazy.

The author recommends brands should clearly explain how their smart-home products can help consumers solve their problems and make life easier. For instance, Amazon Echo can remind older people to take medicine on time every day.

With 55% of survey respondents considering cost as a primary factor while buying smart-home devices, being transparent about the product benefits can help overcome pricing concerns. Brands should also maintain transparency about how they are using consumer data to offer a “tangible, relevant, and immediate benefit” to the users.

To address privacy concerns, brands can deliver personalised solutions to consumers in exchange for their data. To cater to the different levels of tech savviness of users, companies could balance complexity and usability of the smart-home products they develop.

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