FMCG brands are looking to ASMR content for multisensory customer engagement

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July 11, 2019, 3:58 PM UTC

Tens of millions of people are engaging with ASMR content on YouTube and Instagram.

Though ASMR content is still a niche trend, FMCG brands are now using it in their marketing strategies to create a multisensory engagement with their audiences. This piece states that the trend is a logical progression for food brands as they have always used sounds to evoke feelings in traditional advertisements.

Some food brands are using ASMR influencers to create immersive events through pop-ups and other experiential marketing events. While other brands have been taking the more conventional routes, and have been working ASMR into their adverts.

The piece says that there are limits on mixing ASMR with advertisements, and any partnerships must be carefully analysed. ASMR influencers say that any partnership must be carefully considered as viewers can be “more susceptible” in their relaxed state.

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