Brands should understand what data is important for them before considering media insourcing

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July 11, 2019, 5:23 PM UTC

Companies need to understand their organisational needs before embarking on media transformation. 

This piece argues that media insourcing is fit only for a small minority of brands as most do not have the required expertise. Brands that are looking to set up a successful media function should consider some key factors like data requirements, and integration between employees, technology and tools.

Employing people with specialised knowledge who can work collaboratively across both insourcing and outsourcing media channels can help brands with building up the required expertise. Companies should design an agency which matches with their current and future business needs.

The author contends that before settling on a media function, brands should take time to understand what data is essential to their business. It is essential for brands to understand their organisational archetype before moving from “high dependency to self-sufficiency in media capability.”

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