Brands need to unlearn lead generation strategies and start helping people

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July 10, 2019, 12:59 PM UTC

Focusing on helping customers instead of moving them in the funnel can lead to more sale opportunities.

This piece recommends marketers should focus on building content with a motive to help people get what they are looking, instead of concentrating on converting them into leads. The author claims that this approach helped their company get 303% more sales opportunities in six months.

Sales conversions are a result of building a trusted connection, especially in the B2B sector. Brands need to connect emotionally to their customers to win their trust and empathising with customers can help build upon that trust.

Combing consumer data with technologies like AI and chatbots can help brands focus on helping people and not just one-to-one marketing. Technology can aid brands in understanding what their customers are looking for and help put them in the customer shoes.

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