Advanced customer experience can help agencies retain consumers

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July 10, 2019, 11:03 AM UTC

A Forester report says that experience-driven businesses had 1.6x more customer lifetime value than other brands.

In order to compete with large consulting firms, creative agencies should provide a consistent CX that’s memorable. Providing top-down CX solutions from management coaching to mobile banners can help brands increase their revenues faster than other businesses.

This article says that brands should evolve their CX services to be more proactive and insightful to foster better client relationships. Collaborating with professional consulting firms can help marketing agencies offer value in their CX and build further trust.

Building one-on-one relationships with their customers can help brands further translate their value into attachment and understand their client’s goals. The author contends hosting peer-to-peer training and participating in co-speaking events can also help brands deepen their relationship with their clients.

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