“Tone deaf” purpose marketing can be generally ineffective and even anger consumers

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July 09, 2019, 4:33 AM UTC

It’s symptomatic of a “particularly misguided” approach to the marketing strategy by the industry.

Brands have been employing purpose marketing efforts to reach young consumers who reportedly are averse to traditional advertising and capitalism at large. The article cautions that the degree to which businesses are currently pursuing purposeful marketing is indicative of the industry being “particularly misguided and media-hungry”.

A DoSomething Strategic research revealed that Gen Z consumers are not being engaged by many cause marketing efforts. The author notes that “tone deaf” or poorly matched brand purpose could result in angry consumers or lead to general ineffectiveness.

The author suggests marketers to look at the course that influencer marketing (a strategy that is falling out of favour with brands) is currently on. Commenting on both purpose and influencer marketing, Mandy Eckford, managing director at Fortnight Collective said, “With any of these trends, there’s a tipping point. Once it’s over that tipping point, you start to see the parody”.

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