Marketers must deliver content depending on the reader’s awareness levels

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July 09, 2019, 3:50 AM UTC

This can help brands reach their desired marketing goals.

This article highlights the various stages of reader awareness depending on which companies create content to achieve desired marketing outcomes. Prospect awareness is split among five phases. They include the most aware, product-aware, solution-aware, problem-aware and completely unaware readers.

Brands could reach the most aware readers directly through specially designed offers. The product-aware readers are the ones unsure about whether a product is right for them despite being informed by earlier content marketing efforts. The brand should deliver content in a way that highlights the benefits using a link and a well-designed landing page.

Similarly, solution-aware readers can be engaged through an opt-in email list. The problem-aware can come in contact with a company’s content through search or social media. To engage them, marketers can provide them with strong content that has independent value.  

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