Emotionally resonating content can help engage emotional buyers

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July 09, 2019, 12:56 PM UTC

For decision avoiders, marketers must allow them options to delegate.

This article names some key consumer behavioural patterns that emerge when buyers feel doubt. They are emotional buyers, control seekers, decision avoiders and familiar choices. To effectively reach emotional buyers, marketers can serve them content that could emotionally resonate with them.

The consumers conforming to the familiar choices pattern tend to gravitate to safer choices to reduce risk. New brands can reach these consumers by enhancing a sentiment or memory from the customer’s past. To reach control seekers, brands must devise scenarios that give them a sense of having control.

The decision avoiders behave in a fashion hoping that someone else will take over decision making for them. For this consumer type, marketers could help them come to decisions directly or provide them with options that help delegate.  

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