Custom landing pages improve the overall performance of paid search ads

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July 09, 2019, 4:12 PM UTC

Even a great website can frustrate visitors looking for the content shown in the paid ad.

This piece recommends marketers should lead the visitors who click on paid search results to a custom landing page, rather than the company’s website or a generic page. The landing page should contain the same information as the paid search ad along with a tailored offer.

A custom landing page can improve conversion rates and helps the brand achieve a higher ROI. Effective PPC landing pages also improve the brands standing in Google search results and leads to the ads getting better frequency and placement.

A simple, clean, visually appealing and engaging page can help brands make PPC ads perform better and rank better on SERPs. The page should also focus on only one CTA, which is relevant to the ad campaign so that customers are not distracted.

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