PR professionals can help Social Media marketers create better content

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July 08, 2019, 5:45 PM UTC

Marketers are struggling with publishing content that resonates with customers.

According to a Sprout Social study, only 29% of social media marketers share data with PR and branding teams despite visibility being a top priority for many social media teams. This piece says that PR professionals can help marketers create better content for live streaming, user-generated content, among others.

64% of consumers surveyed said they wanted brand managers to interact with them online. The piece contends that PR professionals can help social media campaigns understand target audiences and create communities with online engagement.

Consumers are also more likely to search for a product or service if they see an employee of the company posting about it. 45% of people surveyed said that they follow up on an employee’s post as compared to 32% who are likely to research a product from celebrity endorsements.

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