Media companies may need to use “brute force” to achieve data literacy

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July 08, 2019, 2:50 AM UTC

This can help them achieve data fluency and democratisation.

This article notes that for “legacy” departments such as editorial, marketing, ad sales and accounts in media companies to benefit from data, their mindsets and behaviours must change. The author notes that effective use of good data, technology and data scientists cannot be obtained by simply delegating data projects to the data team.

It would require hiring data journalists and data-driven people across sales, marketing and business development. The article cites a Data Maturity Report by Deloitte which suggested that to achieve data fluency and data democratisation, it would become necessary in the short term to use “brute force” to “break down silos without apology”.

The author suggests training departments in data-driven marketing and sales strategies. This training should involve learning how to run queries, build audiences and extract reports.

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