Brands need to find a balance between posting promotional and casual content on Instagram

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July 08, 2019, 5:04 PM UTC

46% of users reported that they would unfollow a brand if they post promotional content continuously.

This piece states that 57% of consumers are annoyed by brands over-promoting themselves on Social Media. Marketers should instead create content which keeps its promotional material casual to get attention from its target audience.

While creating occasionally funny content or posting pictures of employees on Instagram, the overall content should be in line with the brand image. This article also warns that brands should avoid sensitive religious or political content to not attract negative attention.

According to a survey quoted in the piece, 85% of people in the US prefer to watch online videos, and 54% would prefer to watch more videos from a business or a brand. Brands can also establish strong connections with their audiences by leveraging Instagram’s live videos to create Q&A videos or behind-the-scenes videos. 

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