Marketers must consider contextual targeting for better ROI and accuracy

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July 05, 2019, 5:26 AM UTC

It has the potential to work well with programmatic advertising.

With industry-wide brand safety concerns, this article notes that advertisers must think more about “how” instead of “where” to target consumers. Contextual targeting allows marketers to serve ads for products in such a context that the users are likely to be interested in the advertised product.

The author advises that contextual targeting promises greater accuracy and better ROI, adding that it also takes “the guesswork out of advertising”. Being able to tap into real-time triggers, contextual targeting would fit well with programmatic advertising.

Ads delivered using programmatic would not only bring in granularity but be based on contextual data served in real-time and also deliver scale. The piece highlights, through contextual targeting, brands can avoid targeting consumers for products they have already purchased.

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