Brands could use CGI influencers to test different content without risking their reputation

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July 05, 2019, 4:51 AM UTC

CGI influencers can be adapted to suit the needs of a versatile audience and different brands.

Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) influencers are AI powered avatars that are now a part of the larger influencer marketing industry. Marketers could consider using CGI influencers to take charge of their brand story to get desired outcomes. Brands can use them to test different kinds of content easily without the risk of damaging their reputation.

They can adapt to fit the needs of different brands and audiences, as they are computer codes essentially. Businesses can conveniently use CGI influencers to suit their advertising strategy as they aren’t bound by time and space constraints.

With CGI influencers, companies would be able to control the brand narratives. CGI influencers can develop relatable personalities in contrast to “the seemingly fake lives” of people on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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