Analytics can help marketers efficiently leverage data for email marketing campaigns

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July 05, 2019, 11:51 AM UTC

Identifying consumer behaviour and preferences can help brands create relevant messages of value.

Brands can increase their consumer interaction and craft engaging emails, by using data to run trail campaigns and find which one works for them. Using data analytics to identify consumer behaviour and patterns can further help brands add value to their marketing messages.

Marketers can craft personalised emails with data like purchase history and real-time behaviour to create content that would be useful to the recipient. This article says that brands should use data to craft the subject lines specific to each customer and identify the best times to send emails.

The author contends that “open-time” content, which provides real-time information at the moment the email is opened, can help brands engage their customers. Personalised emails that are relevant to customers can help build an emotional dialogue that resonates with the customers.

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