ABM-Powered content marketing strategies can improve B2B conversion rates

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July 05, 2019, 2:24 PM UTC

According to 87% of respondents in an ITSA benchmark report, ABM-Powered content marketing drives higher ROI than all other types of marketing.

This piece says that instead of working from a high volume of minimally qualified leads, ABM offers a critical way for B2B businesses to flip the sales funnel. Marketers should leverage account-based marketing into their content strategies.

ABM allows the sales team to identify and then prioritise their leads and start conversations with fewer but more likely prospects. It also helps marketers to focus only on ideal customers, and provide critical insights to guide them in crafting personalised messages to address the needs and interest of the end-user.

The author states that “its ability to build and heat high-value customer relationships” is its most significant advantage. Another report by #FlipMyFunnel reported that 27% of ABM marketers reported a 50% increase in C-level engagement.

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