A ‘Unified commerce’ platform can help retailers streamline existing business systems

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July 04, 2019, 12:47 PM UTC

Interdependence among departments can be bottlenecks for consistent consumer experience.

This piece says that brands need to move from an omnichannel approach toward unified commerce. Unified commerce can help brands track customer interactions and identify purchasing habits to avoid duplicated efforts across departments. Updating product information across platforms and maintaining reliable communication channels can help brands eliminate silos within the organisation.

Retailers should update their existing systems at every department by integrating them to provide consistent brand experience to consumers. Implementing tech like AI across all departments and systems can help brands offer a highly reliable consumer experience across all platforms.

Additionally, brands can develop customer personas and integrate customer-touch points at all levels for a smooth customer journey. The author contends that a consistent, highly personalised customer experience can help consumers seamlessly switch between platforms. 

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