Scheduling content can help bloggers build a profile in their niche

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July 04, 2019, 4:00 PM UTC

Bloggers need to pay attention to factors apart from regularly writing new content.

This piece says that writing regular content and scheduling a calendar for blog posts can help the blogger create a niche for their content. Having a schedule can not only streamline the content but also help increase the reader’s engagement by taking them on a journey with the blog.

While deteriorating traffic isn’t a good sign, bloggers can improve the footfall to their blog posts by placing relevant keywords and optimising their overall strategy.  Sending out weekly emails with a preview of the blog can help in getting readers to return.

The author contends that fixing any broken links along with updating page widgets at regular intervals can keep the blog site updated with correct information. Regularly updating the plugins on host sites can assist in avoiding security issues from outdated plugins.

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