Marketers need to create transparent and user-friendly AI experiences

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July 04, 2019, 2:06 AM UTC

People generally don’t trust machines or technologies like artificial intelligence while sharing their data.

This piece states that mistrust in new technologies combined with legislation like GDPR makes it vital for brands to reassess and redefine transparency. Marketers need to ensure that they inform users about the usage of their data while implementing AI to collect them.

Users should be informed about how their data is used along with giving them some level of control to foster consumer trust. While working with vendors who use AI, marketers should check their ethical guidelines along with any impending guidelines or legislation.

Marketers and content creators need to work closely with data science teams to set the context for AI functionality. For creating a personalised and transparent user experience through AI, marketers should guide the team to understand “what a customer-centric experience looks like.”

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