Giving marketing research participants a sense of purpose can enhance engagement

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July 04, 2019, 2:13 PM UTC

62% of research participants multi-task while participating in market surveys.

At a global level, around three in ten research participants are not sure about the importance of their contribution. This piece states that research experience needs to be redesigned to incorporate focus and creativity to nurture engagement among research participants.

The author recommends that marketers should make them provide participants with a sense of purpose by giving them more details about the survey. Marketers should also inform them about the outcome of the research results and convince them that their “views truly matter”. Helping participants find purpose in the research also gets them more invested in the study.

Making surveys fun, exciting and interesting can foster further the participant engagement. The author says that marketers can “turn participants into active and engaged agents of change, who want to tell their stories because they truly matter!”

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