Brands can use action shots in their videos to improve views

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July 04, 2019, 12:49 PM UTC

They should partner with the press or influencers to market YouTube video content.

This article makes recommendations to brands on how to gain more views on YouTube. Brands must use YouTube to share a consistent video series, instead of using it as a platform to upload all of their video content. This can help them sustainably expand their subscriber base.

This can be done by motivating viewers to watch more of the content and eventually subscribe to the channel. The author suggests businesses to send their newly created videos to their email list before partnering with the press or influencers to market the video. They can then promote these videos through social media platforms to reach people.

Brands should include close-ups of “emotive faces” or action shots in their videos. Faces with complex emotions can outdo unemotional expressions, as per a Netflix study cited in the article.

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