Marketers should find unique angles to add value to low performing content

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July 03, 2019, 1:15 PM UTC

Impactful headlines and leads can push the audience to engage with the content.

This piece says that brands should reconsider older content which has not gained enough traffic or conversions. Marketers should find and modify older unsuccessful content which overlaps between the audience and the brands’ interests.

The author also recommends that if similar content is already present, which is performing well, then they should delete the low performing content and optimise the higher one. Though most marketing topics are similar, brands must find a unique and exciting angle to craft that content.

The organisation must find the “tilt”, a unique perspective that can add value to the topic and then edit the unsuccessful content with that angle. Marketers should then optimise the content with SEO tactics and then share it on social networks for enhanced visibility.

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