Businesses must use the right keywords in high-visibility areas of a webpage or blog

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July 03, 2019, 12:46 PM UTC

They must avoid “keyword stuffing” that can potentially harm the website’s ranking.

Target keywords are very important elements in SEO. Businesses must understand that keyword research is an evolving and a continuous process. They need to revaluate the older keywords from time to time.

When businesses have determined the suitable keywords through research, they must be used in high-visibility areas on websites or blogs. They can also be hosted in titles, body text, URLs, meta-tags and image file names. Brands must make sure to avoid “keyword stuffing” which might land up damaging a website’s ranking.

Businesses must balance long-tail keywords and head terms to get the desired results. Once a marketer has a deeper understanding of the audience they could use these keywords for effective results.

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