Brands can leverage influencers to inspire user-generated content

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July 03, 2019, 3:52 PM UTC

60% of consumers think that user-generated content is the most authentic form of content.

This piece states that 90% of shoppers are influenced by UGC while making purchasing decisions, which is higher than all other forms of marketing. Influencers can help in promoting UGC for brands through their ability to connect with their highly targeted audiences.

Brands can support influencers in these activities by designing campaigns, including DIY tutorials and tip, aimed at inspiring people. Influencers can also run contests for their audiences, which can help gain exposure and drive engagement, and bring in more UGC for the brand.

Posting questions which have a brand-related prompt can encourage users to create content which can showcase how the brand fits into the consumer’s lifestyle. Running seasonal or holiday campaigns can help brands build connections during times of peak consumer interest.

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