Brands can mitigate social media automation risks by human supervision

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July 01, 2019, 5:38 PM UTC

Real-time support can help marketers create better engagement with consumers.

Social media automation is a great tool for content creation, but it also poses risks like a violation of network policies or third-party storage of log-in credentials. Marketers can avoid these security risks with real-human support overlooking automated posts on social platforms.

This article says that automated posts can cause a brand to lose social media followers and diminish their brand equity as most people find them distasteful. Marketers should be perseverant and manage bot-speeds for content posting to avoid getting pulled up by auditing from social platforms.

The author contends that having a customer support team can help brands add a human touch without jeopardising sensitive information. A dedicated VPN can further provide brands with enhanced privacy and security when using social media platforms.

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