Transparency and practicality can help retailers successfully implement AI

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June 28, 2019, 5:23 PM UTC

Retailers will have to access AI as part of advanced applications that enable merchandising processes.

A Gartner survey from last year found that most retailers have implemented AI or have plans to implement it. To successfully deploy AI, retailers would have to make significant organisational changes while being transparent to consumers and senior executives.

The piece says that the execution of AI will result in employee reduction; resources will need to be redeployed to improve customer experiences.  Retailers will need to acknowledge problems and support existing KPIs to get a positive response from the team to facilitate the implementation of AI in the merchandising process.

Brands should use plain business language and familiar scenarios to build an AI application that connects with the users. Using Explainable AI can help with a better adaption of AI, enabling transparency and trustworthiness among consumers.

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