Six-second ads perform best in solo ad spots

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June 28, 2019, 1:38 PM UTC

They also have higher chances of being telecast when no one is watching.

This article cites a Journal of Advertising Research study stating that ads of six seconds duration perform best when they are telecast solo in an ad spot. The positioning and advertisement pairing of six-second ads both play an essential role in getting visual attention from the audiences.

The report says that placing four six-second ads from one brand during the same program could increase the attention they attract. Six second ads are also more likely of being played to empty rooms and makeup 11% of “invisible” ads.

Advertising Research Foundation and TVision Insights used a “computer vision” technology to track movements of the audience in the room. The research included 165,843 observations taken from 1,372 households where at least one six-second ad was played, and at least one person was viewing.

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