YouTube launches new tools to tackle fake news and conspiracy theories

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June 27, 2019, 12:12 PM UTC

The Google-owned company has made changes to its recommendation algorithm.

This piece says that the video-sharing platform is making changes to its recommendation algorithm to curb the spread of fake news and conspiracy content. Users will be able to regulate ‘recommend videos’ section by removing channels they don’t like and keep topics of their interest only.

The changes will also allow users to add topic tags, allowing them to find content based on their areas of interest. YouTube states that the users would still be able to find the removed channels via a direct search and see them in the trending tab.

This article says that YouTube is also adding an information marker on videos it recommends based on other viewers, which is similar to Facebook’s tool for video recommendations. The recommendation algorithm could stop users from binge-watching videos and sliding down the “rabbit hole” of unsafe content.

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