87% of views for B2B videos originate from desktops

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June 27, 2019, 7:47 AM UTC

Video views from mobile were 13% in 2018.

Aiming to identify the latest trends in B2B videos, Vidyard studied first-party data of over 324,000 videos over a 12-month period. The study revealed that the length of B2B videos is getting shorter on a year-on-year basis. Where in 2017 the average video length was 6.07 minutes, it shrunk to 4.07 minutes in 2018.

The report also found that, in 2018, more viewers are watching the videos for longer. 52% of viewers in 2018 saw the videos to the end. This figure was 46% in 2017. 87% of the views originated from desktop. Views from mobile were at 11% in 2017 and 13% in 2018.

85% of B2B businesses indicated using some form of video analytics. B2B businesses with over 5000 employees produced 538 videos on average in 2018. Smaller businesses employee size ranging between 31 to 22 employees produced 510 videos on average.

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