Engagement data doesn’t provide the full picture of content performance

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June 26, 2019, 2:40 PM UTC

Brands should instead look at quantitative and qualitative metrics.

Engagement data like clicks, shares and impressions can help brands measure content performance up to an extent, but it doesn’t give them a holistic view. Brands should rely more on metrics like demographics and demand volume among others to measure their content’s success.

This article says tracking consumer searches among the target demographics can help brands measure metrics like brand awareness. Setting up short public opinion polls can provide more than just a static impression of numbers and further help by measuring customer sentiments towards the brand.

The author contends that while click-through-rates can help measure conversions, brands should also focus on finding what sources have produced better leads. Marketers should track the effect the content has on their audiences and the effect it has on important metrics like sales and customer retention.

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