Companies with smaller marketing budgets could leverage guerrilla marketing tactics

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June 26, 2019, 6:25 AM UTC

Stealth and viral marketing are cost-effective approaches for marketers to consider.

This article suggests marketing tactics that require a modest marketing budget. The author notes that a lot can be done even on smaller budgets, something that’s a missed opportunity currently. The article cites data that only 9% of digital advertisers are using guerrilla marketing this year.

The article recommends stealth marketing as a clever and subtle way of engaging consumers. Such a campaign would engage consumers through the brand’s message without pitching the product. Another approach suggested is ambient marketing. The piece states that brands can attempt this form of marketing either offline or on digital as well.  

Brands can attempt viral marketing using content that is emotion-driven, evokes nostalgia and is humorous. For a viral marketing campaign to be successful, its content must be relatable and shareable.   

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