Brands can use social media icons as a marketing strategy to connect with consumers

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June 26, 2019, 6:29 AM UTC

Placing icons also helps get rid of intrusive pop-ups that promote the brand’s social presence.

Marketers can increase the brand’s online presence and connect with the consumers better by using social media icons on their homepage, blog posts and emails. Brands should follow the legal guidelines provided by social media platforms while using their logos on their marketing content.

The author contends that since logos are registered trademarks, brands should not make any changes like altering the colours or adding new elements to the logos. Placing social media icons in strategic locations along with a proper CTA can help marketers draw consumer attention.

This piece says that if the icon’s colour scheme clashes against the website, they can use a monochrome version after seeking permission from the platforms. When using multiple icons, they should be the same size in terms of height, width and resolution.

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