50% of “patriotic” consumers in the US tend to mute TV ads

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June 26, 2019, 4:13 AM UTC

About 80% of them “feel bombarded by advertisements”.

Ahead of the US Independence Day, YouGov surveyed 2,146 Americans who reported their political views as “patriotic”. The study highlighted that 50% of the respondents tend to mute TV advertisements, while 80% of patriots “feel bombarded by advertisements".

If a brand holds an opinion that the patriots oppose, over 60% of them would stop buying from them. Over 70% of those polled think brands should not express political issues and another 70% believe that brands taking a stand on social or political issues are trying to exploit the issues.

More than 80% of the patriots said that they would never make a big purchase without being well informed. Another 80% of them would want to know where the products are being manufactured.  This group of consumers would be particularly interested in hearing about American made goods.

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