Using structured data on a brand’s FAQ page can improve SEO

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June 25, 2019, 4:59 AM UTC

Adding in graphics and videos to brand’s responses to consumer queries on the FAQ page makes the content visually appealing.

A well-written FAQ section on a brand’s website is an effective way to show customers that the company cares about consumer their experience. This piece recommends ways in which a brand’s FAQ page can be used to improve SEO ranking.

Gathering customer feedback can help identify consumer pain points. Tools like Survey Anyplace can assist a business in building an online questionnaire. It can help recognise consumer concerns and provide data and insights.

The author also suggests using structured data which could make the FAQ page more visually appealing in SERP. Using images, graphics or videos while responding to queries can make the FAQ page more visually appealing and make it simpler for the consumer to receive answers by breaking up mass text and improving comprehension.

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